Friday, July 15, 2011

Coke or Pepsi ?

As if the world of social networks wasn't already set on its ear by the introduction of Google Plus, we learn today that Microsoft may be planning to introduce something called Apparently, due to some unfortunate "accident" the welcome screen for this new service was posted here. It was immediately all the rage in Google Plus threads and other communities. Will Socl be the Facebook killer? Will it stifle the rapid growth of Google Plus? Who will be the ultimate social network king? 

A quick search of this topic will already return hundreds of thousands of hits. All the popular blogger and news services have published stories full of facts and figures and opinions on who is going to win the social network wars. Google Plus has topped 10 million subscribers. Microsoft has hundreds of millions of Hotmail, Skype and other service customers. FB is still the undisputed, all time champ with 750 million plus.

Who cares. 

Use the social network you like and feel most comfortable with. If it doesn't do everything you want, try one of the others. They will all have strengths and weaknesses, and they will probably all continue to exist. There are now numerous add ons and add ins to allow Google Plus users to automatically post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The other services will eventually return the favor. Already the Plus 1 button is appearing everywhere. More interoperability is, no doubt, on the way.

I certainly won't lose any sleep over which one social network will rule them all. The real danger is I may never sleep again trying to keep up with the posts on all of them. 

Captain Joe

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