Friday, April 6, 2012

A Change In Course

Beginning next week, View from the Bridge will only be published once per week. As an independent consultant, my schedule was pretty much my own. That allowed me the discretion to allocate the necessary time and energy needed to produce content every week day. My goal was to share my knowledge and experience in the hope that it would help others in their interaction with technology, in business or just every day life in general.

Next week I will take the helm of a new ship. I will be joining the management team of  a privately held company based in New York City. As their CIO, it will be my job to put all of the lessons I have shared with you here and the rest of what I know into practice. Together with the other members of the IT staff, we will take this company to the next level of success through the use of technology and sound business practices.

Most of my energy will now be focused on learning the business and identifying the opportunities to change, improve or introduce business process and technology in furtherance of the goals of the company. This will perhaps lead to more lessons and interesting war stories down the road. But in the near term it is going to necessarily limit the time I can devote to writing this column.

In July 2011 I set a personal goal to write something worth publishing Monday through Friday of every week. I am pleased that I was able to meet that commitment and, apart from the week between Christmas and New Years, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving, I am proud to say I never missed a day. The column may have been a little shorter and completed in the wee hours of the night, but there was one there for just about every date up to and including today.

It has been a wild and enjoyable ride for me, and I hope for you as well. Keep your eyes on this space as occasionally time may allow for more than one a week, and forgive me if once in a while I miss a week.

Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting on my thoughts.

Engine room, hard to port. We're coming about.

Captain Joe

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