Monday, November 14, 2011

How Much Is That Siri In The Window

Ah, the simple joys of a puppy.

My daughter stopped by yesterday with her new dog. Sasha is a cross between a Pitt Bull and a Labrador, and she exhibits the finest features of both. I watched her run around the back yard for a while, showing energy and inquisitiveness, and getting her light brown short hair a little muddy. I threw sticks and she happily chased them, though she never brought them back. She knows all the basics like come, sit and give me your paw, but still has a few more tricks to learn. It took me back to my youth and reminded me of the excitement every time we got a new dog in the house.

My new pet arrived late on Friday. I'm referring, of course, to my new iPhone 4s. Despite all the grousing in my column last week about the ridiculous acquisition process, the doorbell rang late in the afternoon to alert me to a box the UPS delivery man had just deposited on my front porch. Although no one knew it, the new phone had apparently been shipped immediately on placing the order.

This does not excuse the inefficient process of the service provider, but rather demonstrates the value of an outstanding relationship with a business partner, the third party mobile device manager my former company uses to facilitate cradle to grave management of mobile devices. I opted not to install over the weekend but instead scheduled time later this morning to light it up, activate service and transfer my phone number.

So I too am now at the beginning of what promises to be a long and interesting relationship with Siri. Like a new puppy, Siri and I will have to get comfortable with one another and explore our relationship. After loading the phone with all my apps and utilities, I'll try to get her to use them and do things for me. Sometimes she will understand and other times may require some patience.

Thanks to a special software interface, Siri will be there to accompany me on long car rides, helping me continue to work or providing entertainment while I drive. I'm sure we'll have some fun and occasionally impress my friends.  I'll compare notes with other Siri owners and we'll trade stories, tips and tricks.

One day, Siri will be mature and able to perform a lot of useful functions quickly and reliably for me. As long as I take good care of her and avoid scary places (with no cell coverage) she will be my faithful companion.

Siri will bring me the newspaper but she will never fetch my slippers. But then, I'm not so sure Sasha will either.

Captain Joe

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