Monday, February 20, 2012

Do Something Plus-One-derful

Google has the motto "do no evil" and one can have lengthy debates about how well they color within the lines. Regardless, a small group of very creative people had a notion that instead of worrying about what we shouldn't do, why not concentrate on the positive and use this social network to do good.

Sarah Hill, news buoy (as she likes to call herself) for KOMU TV in Missouri, began using the Google Plus network, and hangouts in particular, to enhance her daily television newscast and to introduce a whole new dimension to broadcast news shows in general. Over the last few months she managed to accumulate over 600,000 followers on Google Plus. With an audience of that size, the emphasis naturally began to shift from further developing the program to extracting value from it.

Typically this means monetize the network to generate revenue in some way. Well, the epiphany came and an effort has been launched to convert the power and reach of this massive network into cold hard cash. But not for profit, nor for any individual gain, but rather to support and sustain efforts to reduce or eliminate human suffering and misery throughput the world.

Yes, a mere handful of individuals got together with Sarah and created, a web site where the needs of people everywhere can be identified and resources can be collected and brought 100% to bear on their problems. This umbrella site is designed to allow people to support one of the charities or add their own.

The program launched Sunday night and began collecting money for our first major charity before dawn.

Everyday from now on we will be using social networking to raise awareness and to drive more people and donations to the program. The Plusketeers Challenge is in full swing.

Having been birthed on Google Plus we adopted the name Plusketeers and will be introducing various ways of participating. For example, you can sponsor one of Sarah Hill's live on-air hangouts. These are run two or three times per day and for a small donation your personal or company name will be displayed as the sponsor.

We will be soliciting corporate donations enabling companies to display a logo on their web site showing support for our cause and launching a dots for dollars program where the "real estate" you purchase will be proportional to the size of the donation.

Our goal is to raise one million dollars. Please contact me if you are interested in participating, want to learn more or make a donation. If you do nothing else, please help us spread the word about this program. Use your social network to share this post or a link to and help us make the world a better place.

Thank you.

Captain Joe

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