Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14 - V-Day 2012

Call me old fashioned but I really like Valentine's Day.

I'm not going to delve into the history or the origin because Wikipedia will do a far better job, nor am I going to cite economic statistics showing why its good for business. I have no facts and figures on the volume of cards, candy, flowers or wedding proposals, nor research on whether there is an uptick in births in October, though I have my suspicions.

We have always set aside one day to recognize our mother and one for our father, key elements that create a family, the cornerstone of society. Around the world we celebrate the arrival of a new year and many events of religious or historic significance. We designate specific days to celebrate our great leaders.

So why not have one day out of the year set aside to recognize and celebrate the greatest thing of all; love.

It's adorable to see young children exchanging paper hearts or passing secret notes. Students leave gifts for their teachers while teens give flowers or friendship rings and decide to 'go steady.' Young couples delight in a special dinner or bouquet of flowers, and lots of silver, gold and diamonds. Married couples have another day, beside their anniversary, that gives them an excuse to openly share their mutual love. Old people can get frisky and pretend, for a moment, they are young again. From silly cards to candlelit dinners, candy hearts to fine wine, people everywhere on this special day can wear their hearts on their sleeves.

What century am I living in, you ask? What did I smoke before writing this? Well, call me a hopeless romantic but I choose to see the happiness and joy that a day like Valentines Day can bring to so many people, and I delight in these thoughts I have shared with you.

What about all the broken hearts, the lonely and the forgotten? I make no apologies nor have any excuse for ignoring them. I simply choose to view the glass as mostly full and not just a little empty. Perhaps they too should try sharing in the happiness of those who have love in their lives instead of focusing on what's missing in theirs. Let the joy of others also be yours and you might be a little less sad.

Happy Valentines Day to all the lovely people in my life.

Captain Joe

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