Thursday, February 2, 2012

Join C3 - Next Meeting Wednesday February 8

One of the more interesting trends in technology  today is so called "cloud" computing. The cloud is riding high on the hype curve at the moment with every provider of every product or service trying to find a way to position it as part of the cloud movement. Companies need guidance to navigate through all the marketing speak, cut through the fancy veneer or repackaging of old concepts, and develop a clear understanding of  this innovative resource.

As a member of the Executive Counsel of the Cloud Computing Consortium (C3), part of my role is to help our member companies demystify  the cloud, better define exactly what it is and help them to obtain value through its proper use. Last year C3 organized five committees, ultimately publishing five papers and culminating in a very successful inaugural conference. Held at the Stevens Institute, the day long event was attended by over 100 people including many CIOs and other senior IT professionals from companies large and small throughout the New York metro area.

Following the conference new working groups were formed to examine additional aspects of cloud computing and a schedule of events for the coming year was released. More full day events and several half day seminars are planned while the committees are hard at work documenting the next set of findings.

Next Wednesday, February 8, in conjunction with Equinix, C3 will hold the first in a series of these half day seminars. Over breakfast at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City the key note speaker Jessica Carroll, Managing Director US Golf Associate, will share her story on how and why USGA adopted the use of the cloud.

The session will also include a panel of distinguished guests sharing how each of their organizations have taken advantage of the cloud. I am pleased to announce I will chair this discussion.

As usual we will hold a teleconference with the panelists early next week. During the call we will review the questions which have been developed and circulated. You can anticipate the panelists will be well prepared with informative and insightful answers. Of course part of the role of moderator is to engage the audience and so I will be looking for additional questions or answers from the attendees.

This event promises to be another great opportunity to advance your knowledge and understanding of cloud computing learning from the experience of others who have been through it. If you schedule allows I would encourage you to attend this morning session. You should also consider joining C3 by signing up on the web site. There is no cost and you will be entitled to all of the papers and conference proceedings posted there.

Captain Joe

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